Quick response and shipment. Received my custom ID in three days. Other companies were quoting 2 weeks.

Great quality ID. I’ve had various Medical IDs for over 20 years. Compared to others, the one I received from Med ID Pro was much better quality. The ID plaque had a perfect finish. Engraving on the back is clean and easy to read.

Great quality ID. ID plaque has a clean mirror finish. Bracelet chain and links are very sturdy and strong.

Excellent company to work with. They really go above and beyond to help you and make sure that you are satisfied.

I can’t say enough about the responsiveness and customer service of Med ID Pro. My Dad was diagnosed with a medical condition on a Monday. He lives alone. So I really wanted him to have a Medical ID just in case something happened. After calling several companies that sell Medical IDs and being told it would be at least a week to process my order, I tried Med ID Pro and spoke to Jamie. He took my information and shipped the order that same day. I had the ID for my Dad the very next day!   Great customer service.

Definitely glad my Mom had a Medical ID.  She was rushed to the hospital after feeling light headed. EMT was able to treat her on the way to the hospital because he had her medical information available on her ID.  Looks like she’ll be with us for years to come!

Great quality at a fair price.   Bob S.  Revere, MA

Fast order turnaround. Nice people to work with.

I take a lot of medications. Great that you can fit 6 lines of engraving on the back of the ID and even some additional information on the front.

Excellent quality stainless steel. I’ve had Medical IDs in the past from other companies that turned color after wearing them for awhile.  Your stainless materials did not do this at all (even after 4 months swimming at the beach in Florida).

Quick processing. Received order in only a few days. Nice feature to have clasp on the necklace chain. Makes it easier to get on/off.

Excellent quality materials. All components are well made and durable.